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24-26 Edward Street
Brunswick 3056, VIC AU


Your car charging system consists of the alternator, drive belts, battery, and wiring. Alternators require maintenance, as a faulty alternator can stop charging the battery or produce a high voltage which can reduce your battery life. A faulty alternator can influence your vehicle performance and is a component which should be attended to by an expert auto electrician.


Bosch offers free battery checks which includes state-of-the-art battery testers. Bosch batteries provide a high standard of consistent performance and a longer lasting service life. For information about batteries and our car battery replacement service contact our Bosch workshop.


We are brake repair service experts delivering Bosch’s quality standards servicing the braking system in your vehicle. Good brakes are safe brakes, pay attention and arrange a brake service with our experts if you are experiencing spongy or soft brake pedal action, feel vibrations when applying brakes, changing direction when your braking, taking a long time to stop or you can hear a squealing noise when coming to a stop. If a warning light or brake sensor is displaying a warning, your brakes need to be checked without delay.


Is your clutch slipping or your unable to engage gears? Our clutch repairs and replacement services include inspection of clutch fluid and hydraulic parts, clutch kit replacements and replacement of any faulty components or upgrades. Vehicle is road tested to check clutch performance.


The engine symbol indicator “Check Engine Light” appearing on your dashboard is a warning signal to bring your car to your local Bosch Car Service mechanic in Brunswick. The engine light appearing is a crucial guide an inspection is required to investigate why the sensor is appearing. Our diagnostic equipment enables the technicians to identify the fault efficiently with state-of-the-art technology isolating issues within the Vehicle Engine Management system, fuel system and ignition system.


The starter motor is the electric motor which starts your engine's operation. If your starter motor fails, you will find your car is slow to start, lights dim, or you turn the ignition, and nothing happens. These are all indicators you have a starter motor problem and need to visit our workshop.

Workshop Covid Safe Plan

We have our COVID plan in place and practice strict cleaning and hygiene procedures with every service. Current Victorian Government Health instructions and restrictions are followed in the workshop. Mask and QR Codes required when entering the workshop.

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If your located in CARLTON and require the best car servicing and mechanical repairs, contact local Bosch Car Service experts at Rob’s Auto Elec’s in Brunswick. Book into the workshop you can trust, call Rob 03 9077 3499

Rob’s Auto Elec’s is the team to rely on for mechanical and electrical specialist located in Edward Street, Brunswick servicing Northcote and surrounding areas. We service and repair all major brands using the latest diagnostic equipment, replacement parts, oils, servicing, and professional advice.

A family-based business, operating since 1987 we have been building a local reputation as the go to mechanics by helping car owners who have problems with their cars.

Living or working in Carlton our mechanics and technicians are the experts you can trust to maintain your vehicle for ultimate performance on the roads.

We are proud to be a member of the Bosch Car Service Network providing reliable and valuable service and advice for clients.

Bosch training programs are world class keeping our team up to date with the latest technical information and automotive equipment. Let us share with you our professional advice.

Rob’s Auto Elec’s is Green Stamp Environmentally Accredited and a VACC Accredited repairer.

Clear communication is important, we do not start work on your vehicle until you have given us the thumbs up to begin!

Northcote Car Services:

Alternators - Auto Electrical Repairs - Automotive Service & Repairs - Diagnostic System Repairs - Electronic Ignition - Heating & Climate Control - Logbook Servicing - SRS Airbag Systems - Trailer & Boat Trailer Lighting - Vehicle Security Systems - Wiring Modification & Repairs

Northcote Mechanical Services:

ABS Antilock Brake Systems - Air Conditioning Service - Batteries & Installation - EFI Electronic Fuel Injection - Engine Management Systems - General Mechanical Repairs - In Car Air Quality Service - Starter Motors - Vehicle Handbook Service - Vehicle Lighting Systems

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