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Car Repairs & Maintenance

Are you looking for reliable mechanics for routine car maintenance or car repairs?

As Brunswick’s leading local mechanics, we offer our experience and knowledge to repair all car brands.

Repairs and part replacements can be handled at our fully equipped Bosch Car Service workshop as we offer both mechanical and electrical services. Repairing a car requires attention to detail and workmanship, regular car servicing and maintenance keeps on top of any issues your car may have. Our excellent car repair services are backed by a Bosch Car Service Nationwide Warranty. Call us to schedule a time to bring your car to the workshop, or complete details below for us to contact you.


03 9077 3499

24 - 26 Edward Street, Brunswick VIC 3056


When you need a qualified auto electrical technician Rob’s Auto Elec’s is close by performing the highest standard in auto-electrical repairs and maintenance. We use Bosch’s diagnostic systems and the standards set by your vehicle’s manufacturer to ensure your back on the road safely. Auto Electrical technicians maintain, repair, replace and service Alternators, Battery replacements, diagnostics, and repairs, Camper Trailer and Motor Home Electrical, Electronic Fuel Injection, Rewiring and Fault Diagnostics, Scan Tool Diagnostics and Starter Motors


Car Repair services include: Brake and Clutch Servicing & Repairs, Exhaust Repairs, ABS Servicing & Repairs, EFI Servicing & Repairs, Transmission Servicing & Repairs, Mechanical & Electronic Servicing & Repairs, Radiator Repairs, Auto Electrical Repairs, Heating and Cooling Repairs and Emission Related Faults


Bosch offers free battery checks which includes state-of-the-art battery testers. Bosch batteries provide a high standard of consistent performance and a longer lasting service life. For information about batteries and our car battery replacement service contact our Bosch workshop.


We are brake repair service experts delivering Bosch’s quality standards servicing the braking system in your vehicle. Good brakes are safe brakes, pay attention and arrange a brake service with our experts if you are experiencing spongy or soft brake pedal action, feel vibrations when applying brakes, changing direction when your braking, taking a long time to stop or you can hear a squealing noise when coming to a stop. If a warning light or brake sensor is displaying a warning, your brakes need to be checked without delay.


The engine symbol indicator “Check Engine Light” appearing on your dashboard is a warning signal to bring your car to your local Bosch Car Service mechanic in Brunswick. The engine light appearing is a crucial guide an inspection is required to investigate why the sensor is appearing. Our diagnostic equipment enables the technicians to identify the fault efficiently with state-of-the-art technology isolating issues within the Vehicle Engine Management system, fuel system and ignition system.


Our trained technicians service all car makes and models. Servicing is carried out according to manufacturers’ specifications, without voiding warranty. Regular car services are important to keep your car road worthy and ensure your safety when on the road.