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Are you Road Trip ready?

Are you Road Trip ready?

They tell us to stay at home, so many of us are listening and planning local getaways.

Today for us in Victoria a ‘Covid Getaway’ is a road trip exploring the great open road and experiencing Victoria.

But we all know the best trips come together when we have prepared ourselves and our equipment. For a road trip our vehicle is our equipment.

Take into consideration our workshop tips so your road trip experience is both successful and concern free.

Be Road Trip ready?

  • Check your Air Filter, does it need to be replaced?
  • Inspect the Oil level, Coolant, Brake, Transmission, Wipers and washer fluid levels
  • Test your Battery and check its condition!
  • Check the condition of your spare tyre
  • Be prepared for roadside repairs
  • Do you have a first aid kit with current supplies?
  • Do you have a spare key?
  • Check your tyres, do they have plenty of tread?
  • Do you need a wheel alignment?
  • Does your vehicle need a minor or major service?

Make sure your equipment is in the best working condition, call us for a safety check today and be ready to go road trippin!

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