Battery Replacement

Will my Car start today? 

Is this your current stressful situation? If so, we can help you deal with flat batteries!

Batteries tend to last 3-4 years. With the complexity of new cars, it has become vital that the battery is in good condition for all systems to function. Later model vehicles also need extra care when it comes to installing a replacement battery.

Don’t you be a driver who ignores numerous telltale signs that ‘something is a miss’ and wait until you have a breakdown, or your vehicle simply refuses to start. Radio or headlights will not operate or are dim, or your vehicle is slow to start.

As a Bosch Service Centre we have advanced diagnostic equipment to test your battery output and also check the performance of your car’s alternator.

We have a complete selection of maintenance-free batteries to get you back on the road with our battery replacement service. Our technicians can give expert guidance to assist with your choice of battery.

With each replacement battery we perform starting and charging system tests.

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Car Battery Testing

We have advanced diagnostic equipment to check your battery output.

Test your battery and electrical system on a regular basis, not just when it’s starting to show signs of weakness.

Battery testing by your mechanic twice a year will help reduce your chances of failure.

Dual Battery Systems

There are many variations of dual battery systems available, we strongly advise you speak to one of our educated dual battery system experts to discuss your actual requirements.

Our expert team will supply and fit dual battery systems with professionalism and care. We’re backed by our many years of industry experience enabling us to deliver to you expert auto electrical services.

A dual battery system is a configuration of one or more auxiliary batteries installed in addition to the standard starter battery.

With additional battery systems installed, there is increased capacity for appliances like fridges and lighting to be powered when camping is on the agenda.

Having additional battery power installed prevents your appliances from loading the starter battery and will ensure your engine will start.

About A Battery

Batteries are an important component, without it, your vehicles cannot move, you won’t be able to listen to music or even illuminate the road in the dark.

Your car battery is a power-generating device, which, due to usage, especially in modern cars, it can slow down quickly and needs to be replaced by a new one.

The common signs that you need a new battery are:

  •  Your vehicle will not start
  •  Radio or headlights will not operate or appear to be dim
  •  Your car is slow to start
  •  Your battery is flat!
  •  Leaving headlights on will drain your battery
  •  Faulty electrical components or wiring can also drain your battery

A battery needs working time to enable it to recharge, taking short trips will not give your battery time to recharge and weather temperatures can be significant in killing batteries.

A few simple tips which may increase your car battery life:

  • Do not leave the battery uncharged! Charge it as soon as possible
  • The outside of the battery must be clean and dry
  • Do not leave an unused car for more than 10 days with an alarm
  • Do not leave the car with unnecessary, power consuming devices turned on

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